10 Tips for Decorating a Commercial Office Space

Your commercial office space is the face of your company. It is where you and your employees work on a daily basis to bring your vision and mission statement to fruition, not to mention where you meet with your clients. When decorating a commercial office space, you should aim to create a professional atmosphere that is not only efficient but also reflects who you are as a company. It requires a lot more than just moving some desks and chairs into an empty white space. When you put some thought into the design and aim to inspire people, you can get a lot more from your space. Here are 10 tips for decorating a commercial office space.

10 Tips for Decorating a Commercial Office Space | HomeandEventStyling.com

1. First impression
The first impression clients have of your office space will affect their first impression of you and your business. The entrance should be welcoming and clean with a nice, fresh aroma. If there is any landscaping or fresh plants around, make sure they are trimmed and well maintained. Your clients want to be confident you will take care of their needs, so showing that you care about your space will help nurture that trust.

2. Lighting
Lighting is a key component of any space. It can make or break the ambiance. Natural light has the most positive effect on a space, so keep windows clean and open to allow as much light in as possible. Fill dark spaces with extra lighting that creates a comfortable atmosphere without being too harsh. Florescent lighting is neither soothing nor attractive.

3. Comfortable seating
Offer comfortable, stylish seating for your clients to sit in while they wait or do business with you. While you don’t need to go as far as to offer recliners, it is important that your clients are don’t get distracted by discomfort, prompting them to have an unfavorable mood and want to leave.

10 Tips for Decorating a Commercial Office Space | HomeandEventStyling.com

4. Color
Don’t shy away from using color in a professional space. Neutrals have a very professional appeal that looks great in offices of a conservative nature, but colorful accents can add some life to the space. Choose colors that reflect your brand. If there is color in your logo, you can use that color palette to inspire the office decor.

5. Organization
Great office design includes efficient organization. Besides helping you run your business better, it also helps the presentation of your business have a better impression on clients. Consider hiring a professional organizer to help you get the most from your office space.

6. Furniture arrangement
Arrange the furniture in a way that creates a nice flow through the office and makes it easy for everyone to move swiftly from one spot to another. Give each employee privacy with smart arrangement and dividers if necessary.

10 Tips for Decorating a Commercial Office Space | HomeandEventStyling.com

7. Embrace your community
Show clients your business’s commitment to the community by shopping at other local businesses and even including elements from it to adorn the space. This could be photographs from around the community to use as art or even purchasing works from a local artist to put on display throughout the office.

8. Fresh flowers and plants
Fresh flowers and plants sprinkled through an office are an easy way to add a bit of life and color to the space. They will not only lift the spirits of the employees but also give clients a feeling of warmth when they are there.

9. Express your company’s brand and ideals
Incorporate the spirit of your brand in your office’s design through the style of furniture, colors, and art. Create an atmosphere that embodies what you want your brand to say to your clients so they feel it the moment they walk in the door. If you have a creative company, let that be known in the design by putting some creative energy there.

10 Tips for Decorating a Commercial Office Space | HomeandEventStyling.com

10. Set a budget
Set a budget on what you want to spend on furniture, paint, and decor before you start shopping. Make a list of everything you need and then shop around to find furniture that will fit into your budget comfortably. Office furniture can get pricey but keep in mind that it doesn’t all have to match. As long as it flows well together, you can get creative with your choices and still have a great, professional looking space.

These tips can help you create a commercial an office space that is inspiring to you, your employees, and your clients.

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