10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals

In the competitive vacation rentals market, you want to do everything you can to make sure your property stands out from the rest. The key to accomplishing this is evoking emotion from renters when they see your property. Think about how you feel when you are going on vacation and choosing a place to stay. You want a place that is clean, well-maintained, and makes you feel like you are staying somewhere special.

It is very easy to capture these things in your own vacation rental. With some smart staging, your property can better appeal to renters and make them feel more comfortable choosing your property to spend their vacation. Here are 10 tips for staging vacation rentals.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com1. Hire a professional cleaning crew after every renter to make sure it is spotless. The last thing renters want to see when they walk into a property is evidence of other renters before them. Pay close attention to the kitchen (including the refrigerator) and bathrooms. Also make sure all the linens are washed after every use, the furniture is vacuumed, and any stains are removed.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com2. Scent is very important. If the rental is properly cleaned, odor shouldn’t be an issue but it doesn’t hurt to put some extra fragrance throughout the property such as scented oils. For the best results, choose a refreshing scent that is clean and natural.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com3. Maximize counter space by storing most kitchen appliances in a cabinet. You can keep one out, such as the microwave, but hide the rest behind cabinet doors so the kitchen appears clean and spacious.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com4. Set the dining room table and breakfast table. Not only is it nice to offer (clean) place settings for renters, but it also makes the rental feel more like a home when the tables are already set and look beautiful. They can move right in and start their vacation immediately.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com5. Create an image of relaxation outdoors. Set the table with a couple of items such as fresh flowers in a vase and a wine bucket. If the property has a pool, fill a pretty basket or bucket with some clean towels.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com6. Make the bedrooms feel luxurious with nice linens and extra pillows. Invest in appealing bedding that is comfortable and inviting and include extra pillows for a look of luxury.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com7. Include crisp white towels and white bath robes in the bathrooms. They will give your rental a chic hotel vibe that vacation renters will love.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com8. Stage for the seasons. During the winter, include blankets and fire wood if your rental has a fireplace. During the spring and summer, decorate with fresh flowers and fruit.

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com9. Capture the spirit of the property in the decor. When people are on vacation, they want to be transported to someplace else. Remind them of being on vacation in the decor by choosing a color scheme and accessories that reflect the location. Is it a lake house, beach house, cottage, penthouse?

10 Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals | HomeandEventStyling.com10. Include special amenities that will make renters’ experiences more enjoyable. Small details such as a tub caddy will remind renters of what they are there for: relaxing!

Hope these tips help you attract more happy vacationers to your rental. Good luck!

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