Spring 2014: Fashion Trends to Inspire Home Decor

It’s time for a new set of fashion trends to inspire home decor from the spring 2014 runways. This season, we are seeing a lot of classic trends that are reemerging. So many of them translate beautifully to home decor, so there is a lot of inspiration to be found on the runways this spring. It’s all about color, texture, and glamour. Many of these styles will also move into summer, but I’ll be covering more trends that emerge in the summer as we get closer to that season. For now, here are some fabulous ideas to inspire your home decor from spring’s upcoming fashion trends.

ORANGE is making a splash on the spring runway and it can do the same in your home. Use this warm, energetic color as an accent to bring life to a space.


PASTEL COLORS are a spring staple and they aren’t going anywhere. Subtle, muted colors are fresh, clean, and far from old-fashioned.


METALLIC, holographic, and iridescent textures have been a shining force in trends for a while now and they are still going strong. It’s a great way to add some contemporary glamour to a space.


FLORAL patterns embody spring perhaps more than any other decorative element, but they can be beautiful all year.


SPRING FUR may sound like an oxymoron, but fur was all over the spring runway. It’s not a faux pas to include faux fur as an accent in your home for a luxurious and comfortable appeal.


LACE is classic and elegant, making it a beautiful accent to include in space. Even if you don’t use actual lace, a pattern that captures it look and essence can look just as beautiful.


Which of these trends would you love to update your home with?

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