Smart Bedroom Storage Solutions

The bedroom is one of the areas in the house that most people need the most storage in. It’s where we store all of our clothes, accessories, and personal items so plenty of storage is a necessity. Even the smallest of bedrooms can maximize its storage potential with some clever tricks and solutions that are not only functional, but offer plenty of style, too. It’s all about taking advantage of the space you have in the most effective way possible. Here are 10 smart bedroom storage solutions that will improve its space potential.

Take advantage of the wasted space below the bed by employing drawers, shelves, or baskets to hold items. You can purchase a bed with this built-in storage in many different styles or build one yourself.

Take advantage of wall space and high ceilings with cabinets, shelving, and drawers to house tons of items. It looks great around a bed to create an interesting focal point.

Swap out a headboard for shelving to house decorative items, books, or anything else you would like to store. Fit them with doors if you would like to keep your items hidden from view.

Incorporate a closet into a small bedroom by taking advantage of the full height of the room and mixing a variety of storage solutions to fit your needs. Cover it with an affordable curtain and store away extra items beneath the bed in appropriately sized containers.

Another option for a closet in the bedroom is to incorporate it right with the bed to make a unique focal point. Keep the clothes in the middle to serve as the headboard and flank it with storage in one solid color to keep it balanced.

The homeowners made the most of this tight space by installing a wall of shelving that could hold books, decor, and even their laptop to watch or work on while in bed.

An efficient way to include a desk in a bedroom is by letting it double as a side table.

For a less cluttered look, store your jewelry in drawers to hide it away and keep it well organized.

A trunk or bench with shelving at the foot of the bed offers extra storage, a place to sit while you put on your shoes, and a chic accent piece.

Dressers can serve double duty as side tables. Put one on either side of the bed for maximum storage.

Would any of these bedroom storage solutions help you out?

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