Making a Splash with Accent Walls

When a space needs that extra something, an accent wall can often do the trick. An accent wall is one wall that is styled differently from the others, such as an alternative color, wallpaper, stencil, or other design feature. They are also a great way to incorporate a bold look that you may not be comfortable using on the entire space, but can make a fabulous statement on one focal wall.

If you’re staging a home, you can still take advantage of the great look of an accent wall. As always when staging a home for sale, neutral walls are best but you can add some depth to them by painting one a darker shade than the rest. Here are 10 ideas for accent walls that will help you make a decorative splash in your own home.

A decorative wallpaper makes the most of the awkward wall along the stairs, creating a chic accent wall that gives the space character.

White walls are given some depth with one chocolate brown accent wall, allowing the space to feel clean and airy while incorporating some warmth in the palette.

Create a more interesting gallery wall by making it stand out with an accent color, as seen here with a bold blue.

This foyer makes a chic first impression with an inlet that is accented with wallpaper, taking the vignette up a notch.

Rustic warmth and texture is brought to this elegant dining room through a beautiful stone accent wall.

To give this room some glamour, a wallpaper with a gold metallic pattern accents the wall behind the bed for a chic focal point.

A rustic wood accent wall creates depth and interest in this boys’ room and is versatile enough to look great in just about any room.

This mosaic tiled accent wall gives a definite “wow” factor to this contemporary bathroom, adding color and life to the space.

A green accent wall with a floral motif gives a unique flair to this dining room and makes this accent wall something you won’t soon forget.

Black subway tile makes the most of this small bathroom by creating a chic and stylish focal point.

Accent walls can improve the look of a space by bringing in color, texture, and style.

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