Inspiring Ideas for Painted Ceilings

Paint is the easiest and most affordable way to transform nearly any element in a room, including the ceiling. Most people don’t consider doing anything different to the ceiling, normally choosing to leave it in builder white. This is perfectly fine, especially if you plan on putting your home on the market soon, but if you are looking for new ways to add some style to a space then getting creative with the ceiling is a good way to do that. Even a fresh coat of paint in a color other than white or beige can transform a space. If you are feeling really creative, you can branch out to using stencils, faux finishing, and patterns. Here are some ideas for painted ceilings that can inspire you for your own home.

A soft blue on the bead board ceiling adds some depth and color to this all-white kitchen.

Stunning gold metallic makes an unexpected and sophisticated statement among the blue decor of this dining room.

The vivid turquoise ceiling frames a stunning chandelier and creates a “wow” factor.

High gloss paint can turn a gray or white ceiling into a fabulous statement with its modern sheen.

A bold color or interesting pattern can add personality to a dull hallway.

Bubblegum pink stripes climb the walls and converge in the ceiling’s center, creating a fun big top effect.

The blue and white stripes on the ceiling add a contemporary chicness to this otherwise traditional dining room.

A blue glazed finish creates the effect of water, making an inspired pairing with the chandelier that mimics bubbles.

Paint is fabulous for making architectural features such as molding stand out and play an important decorative role in a room.

To create a subdued but beautiful effect, use the same paint color and switch off between matte and gloss when painting stripes or a pattern such as chevron.

Have you or would you ever consider painting a ceiling in your home something other than white?

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