Decorating with Gold Accents

Gold accents have been trending in decorating in the last few years because of its elegance and versatility. While it shows up in a lot of contemporary design, it has a wonderful classic vibe to it that makes it work well in traditional spaces, too. It can look antique or modern, masculine or feminine all depending on how you use it.

Decorating with gold can add a touch of glamour and provide a space with more visual interest, so it is definitely an element worth incorporating if you are looking for a way to add some character to a space. Here are some inspiring ideas on how to use it.

Traditional gold frames don’t need any art or photographs in them to make a stylish presentation on a staircase wall.

A simple white bathroom is given a touch of glamour with gold hardware and light fixtures.

A shiny brass faucet and matching accents bring this kitchen up a notch, making it feel upscale and luxurious.

The unexpected touch of gold in the island gives this kitchen a chic accent that adds character and charm.

The lucite bar stools with gold accents are a fabulous contemporary touch, making a statement that blends seamlessly with the rest of the space.

Traditional and contemporary elements mingle together in this white and gold dining room, proving the metallic’s versatility.

Gold tiles create a geometric pattern throughout white tiles as a creative and elegant wall covering.

The golden wood window frames offer a natural texture that feels warm and elegant at the same time.

Covering books in matching flaps is a clever design trick. Here, the books are covered in varying shades of brown, gold, and white to match the other accents.

A gold headboard in a natural tone offers a warmth and touch of glamour that is unique in this bedroom. A few other gold accents pull it all together.

Decorating with gold can add charm, character, and some chic style to just about any space.

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