Adding Color to Outdoor Spaces

Winter has come to an end, so it is time to embrace spring with open arms. This is the perfect time to add some fresh appeal to your outdoor spaces to get ready for all the entertaining and relaxing you’ll be doing out there. One quick way to add new life to a space is through the use of color. It can change the dynamics of a space in an instant even with a limited budget. Even the smallest accents can make a big difference. Here are 10 ideas for adding color to outdoor spaces that will have them looking fresh and inviting in no time.

Pops of turquoise bring hints of color to this space, allowing the natural greenery to do the rest with a subtle hint of green in the tile.

Patterns such as stripes in a lively color will add both dimension and color to an outdoor space.

Director chairs in a soft blue create a unique cottage feel accented with matching mason jars and colorful flowers.

A royal purple makes this small outdoor space feel luxurious and elegant. Accents like pillows, lanterns, and curtains are great ways to bring in color.

A red tiled floor is a bold move that fits perfectly into the style of this home’s architecture. The black and white stripes on the furniture let the red shine.

Plenty of potted flowers add color to this outdoor space, along with the doors which have been painted a subtle green.

Bold abstract panels serve as an artistic punch of color on this patio, matching the lively curtains and pillows.

This patio is bursting with color that suits the nature around it. Besides the furniture, accents such as the tray and pot holding the flowers add both color and dimension.

A beautiful table setting is a fabulous way to bring in color that can change as often as you’d like it to. Glasses, plates, and even the food and beverages themselves will add personality to an outdoor space.

Another fun way to add color to outdoor spaces is by painting the ceiling in a color. The most popular is a blue to match the sky.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to use color to transform outdoor spaces. Get creative with paint and fabric to make your outdoor living more beautiful.

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