A Prettier Pantry: Tips For Staging A Pantry

The kitchen is one of the hottest areas in the house, and its storage is a key component to how well a buyer will like it. The pantry always draws attention because buyers want to know they will have plenty of storage for their family’s food. You may think this is an area that doesn’t need staging because it seems self-explanatory, but in reality it needs as much as care as any other spot in the house. Buyers will open the door and inspect inside, so it is important that the pantry is neat and organized and appears to have as much space as possible. Even the smallest pantries can be improved with some smart staging. Here are some tips for staging a pantry.

You can make space on your counter tops by moving certain appliances to the pantry, such as the microwave.

Face all items so their labels face forward and straighten them into organized clusters by color.

Remove the contents from multi-colored boxes into matching clear containers. This assures that everything is the same size and will fit into your pantry in an organized manner, and also offers a more streamlined appearance.

Carry shelving all the way to the ceiling to maximize space. Store your less-used items on the top shelf.

Store some items in attractive bins or baskets for a more organized appearance in your pantry.

When staging a pantry for a home on the market, try to store less food in there than you normally would so the shelves appear less crowded and therefore larger.

If your home has a small pantry or doesn’t have one at all, bookcases (like these inexpensive ones from IKEA) can solve this problem.

A combination of jars, containers, and baskets can help you fit everything into the space in the most efficient way and help the overall look of the pantry.

A refurbished barn door gave this pantry a lot of character and made it not only a functional space, but a stylish one.

When staging a home, storage areas (a pantry, closet, cabinets) are something buyers will be eager to judge, so be sure to have them in tip-top shape.

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