Using An Area Rug To Pull A Room Together

If a space ever seems to be lacking warmth or feels “disjointed,” then an area rug could be exactly what it needs. Area rugs help define a space. They pull a room together and make it feel more complete. Besides these excellent benefits, an area rug can also serve to add extra style to a space by bringing in color, texture, and/or pattern. Think of them as art for your floors. Just as you put artwork on the walls to make a room feel more lived in and attractive, the same can be said about the rugs. Any room in the house can get a boost from the addition of the right area rug. Here are some examples of how an area rug can transform a space.

A large area rug with a geometric pattern pulls together these separate conversation areas into one large gathering space. Its subtle pattern offers an interesting visual effect without overpowering the the space.

The navy blue rug compliments the walls beautifully and simultaneously echoes the neutral color of the couch through its contemporary pattern.

A fun black and white patterned rug grounds this space full of quirky and colorful elements.

For a dining room full of unique and eclectic findings, this natural area rug adds texture without competing for attention.

Given the limited space of this dining room off the kitchen, the designer made the right call using a narrow area rug to define the space while avoiding crowding it.

If you want to incorporate a bold element but don’t want to paint your walls or wallpaper, consider bringing in that bold touch through an area rug as seen in this stylish dining room.

A pretty area rug is used as a runner in this kitchen to add warmth and color to the space. It all helps define the kitchen from the eat-in nook beside it.

Area rugs can do a great job of adding personality and flavor to a space, as seen with this Navajo-inspired printed rug.

A circular rug can add visual interest by breaking up the harsh lines and right angles. They are also well-suited to smaller spaces.

Outdoor area rugs do a great job of making a patio or deck feel more like an actual room. Area rugs made for outside can withstand the weather and are easy to keep clean.

When choosing an area rug, be sure to measure and choose the correct size for the space, and be thoughtful about how its style will effect the room as a whole.

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