Rooms In Red: Decorating With Red Decor

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, February is a month full of red. It inspired me to look at spaces with red decor to explore the amazing impact this color can have on a space. Some people are a little uncertain decorating with such a bold color, but the results can be truly stunning. Even a little bit of red goes a long way. I’ve gathered several different examples of how you can incorporate this color into your home both big and small ways. If you are staging a home for sale, it’s best not to use any bold colors in major ways, such as on the walls. Stick to small decorative accents through accessories and leave most of the decor neutral. If you’re staying in your home, then go as far with the color as you are comfortable with. Hopefully by the time you get to the end, you will have fallen in love with red…

Red walls make this banquette pop. Because it’s a small alcove, the red walls make a bold statement and the black and white accents give it a chic flair.

Nothing pops against white quite like red. This bathroom has just the right amount of red accents to keep it clean and fresh. They are also easily interchangeable for other colors if you ever want something new.

For a more subdued use of red in a bedroom, employ the use of patterns with a neutral such as white. Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns that coordinate well with each other.

Red and white stripes add a lot of character to this living room which is a wonderful marriage of old and new. The stripes bring in a contemporary flavor while the natural stone wall represents the history of the home.

Bead board painted in a burnt red serves as a bold backdrop for this charming nautical bathroom. Accents of white cool it down, while a vintage swimsuit adds a wonderful touch of navy blue.

A palette of red and white makes this quaint kitchen feel fresh and cheery. Notice how the kitchen flows well into the dining room by incorporating a touch of blue in the kitchen rug that shows up on the walls, while red accents tie them both together.

Here’s a cool idea for a bookshelf: paint the back the same color as your walls for a nice flow, especially if you are using a beautiful bold color such as red and don’t want to cover up any of it.

Bold prints on curtains can make an elegant statement. In this bathroom, there is a perfect balance of white and pops of red to support the bold curtains.

This kitchen is a wonderful mix of traditional and industrial with the red tile flooring setting the stage for style. Notice the red range that mimics that beautiful bold red.

To give this hallway some unexpected color, matching red frames make black and white photographs pop down this otherwise totally neutral path.

Dare to use red in a space and you will be amazed by the style you will find.

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