Making A Statement With Large Artwork

Artwork is one of the best ways to add color to a space without painting the walls or doing anything permanent. The right piece of art can add personality, style, and color to a room and make the rest of its features look better because of it. Artwork makes a home feel like a home. This is true in both staging and living, but it’s important to choose wisely based on the style of the home and your intentions. If you’re selling, remember the general idea of staging: it shouldn’t alienate anyone, but rather attract any kind of buyer. If you’re decorating for yourself, then you have much more room to play.

A captivating, sparkling Grace Kelly catches your attention through these pocket doors and invites you into this simple home office.

An elegant dining room is given an artistic touch with an oversized portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth, serving to give the space a touch of personality and pizzazz.

Large artwork can pull together a room’s color palette, or even be the basis of inspiration for it, as seen in his colorful living room.

An abstract painting brings in a pop of blue to this neutral space, adding depth and interest.

Large artwork over a cute cabinet fills what could be a very awkward space, but instead exudes tons of style.

Large artwork is a great way to create some drama in a space. The pop of orange in this dining room creates a memorable atmosphere.

Artwork can help tell a home’s story. For a seaside retreat, a painting involving water will fit right in and remind you where you are.

Help pull together the spirit and style of a room through carefully chosen artwork that expresses what you’re going for.

Leaning a large black and white abstract against the wall in this dining room gives a huge edge on style.

A large painting of a winding country road helps make this living room feel warm and inviting.

Remember to pay attention to color, scale, and style when choosing your art. What do you want the artwork to say about the room?

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