9 Ideas For Interior Trim Colors

Everyone talks about wall colors, but the trim color can have just as much of an impact on a space. If you are selling a home, it is best to stick with white trim so buyers can imagine whatever color scheme they would like to. Painting trim can be a bigger job than the walls because of how much care it takes to finish it off correctly, so it’s best not to overwhelm buyers with the task. However; if you are decorating your house for you, choosing the right trim color will pull a room together. Here are 9 ideas for interior trim colors that could give your home that extra something.

Dark gray trim on white walls gives this dining room a fresh look that is contemporary while highlighting the home’s historic architecture.

A dark gray trim paired with creamy walls offers a warm and sophisticated look. It pairs perfectly with dark wood furniture and accents.

Trim doesn’t always have to be a different color. Sometimes, it looks beautiful to blend the walls with the trim for a consistent look and more height.

Using a color for your trim that matches the room’s decor instead of a neutral can render some beautiful results. However; if you are the type who likes to redecorate a lot, it may not be the most convenient choice.

A light wood trim has a natural airiness about it that makes a space feel open. In this dining room, they smartly matched all the wood tones in the room to the trim.

White trim is the most popular color for trim and is hardly boring. It looks great with any wall color and can really pop against dark or bold colors.

A creamy trim looks classic and elegant in this dining room. It adds some warmth to the cooler colors throughout the space.

Black trim may seem like a bold choice, but in the right space it can have stunning effects. This living area looks warm and contemporary.

Gray trim has a nice cool look that looks great with other neutrals and offers a sophisticated vibe.

Trim is just one more aspect of a room to take it to make it look complete. When decorating a space, always give special attention to every detail to take a space from good to outstanding.

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