10 Gorgeous Green Bedroom Ideas

Green is a popular choice for a bedroom palette and it’s not hard to see why. It is one of nature’s favorite colors, so it has a very calming and earthy vibe. Some shades of green are actually so soft that they are close to being a neutral. This makes the color very favorable for most people, especially given how versatile the color can be. It can make a grand statement or blend into a relaxing oasis. It’s all in how you use green that determines its impact on the decor. While I never recommend painting the walls in a color other than a definite neutral when selling a home, green does work very well as an accent color when staging a home for the market because of its popularity. Here are some green bedroom ideas to inspire you and show you the color’s possibilities.

Green walls offer a rich background for other neutral elements to work from in this chic and elegant bedroom.

The pop of green from the bed frame and headboard seems natural in this all-white space, echoing the fresh plant next to it.

Green and chocolate brown are a popular pairing that creates warm and inviting results. Add white for a crisp finish.

With just a hint of pigment, a soft green is close to being a neutral. This bedroom merely suggests color and has a wonderful feeling of freshness.

Green serves as a luxurious element in this elegant bedroom. A sheen on a few of the pillows and throw feels very high-end, while the other pillows in different shades, textures, and patterns add depth.

Beautiful patterns of green and white give this white bedroom plenty of character, while green accents placed around the room pull it together.

This bedroom looks like an extension of nature, from the green and white color palette to the decor such as the flower painting and the leaf pattern on the bedding.

A soft green on the walls and in the bedding sets the stage for this lovely bedroom, accented with turquoise, pink, and different shades of green.

This small bedroom is big on style. Its style is plucked from nature in earthy tones of green and brown. The textured wall draws your eye away from the size of the space and into the attractive decor.

Certain shades of green can also be very colorful and playful, as seen in this chic bedroom full of style and life.

I hope these ideas have inspired you.

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