Beauty In the Grays: Spaces With Gray Decor

Being in the midst of winter, it’s a fitting time to look at the beauty of gray and how great it can work in decor. In fact, gray has made a huge impression on the design industry in recent years for its versatility and elegance. Everything from crisp grays to warmer “greiges” (that’s a cross between gray and beige) have been popping up everywhere in design. If you are staging a home for sale and are looking to make a space feel updated and neutral, gray walls are a great start. But they’re not just for a blank slate. Gray can be warm, stylish, and downright beautiful in a space. Take a look at these examples of different shades of gray decor.

Gray can be wonderfully feminine when paired with soft pinks. A dash of gold on the coffee table adds some glamour to this classy space.

Sweeping gray curtains against matching gray walls make this bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel suite. The wood accents and gold mirror bring in some warmer tones to ground it.

Deep gray walls serve as the perfect backdrop for some eye-catching art and a masculine dining room table and chairs.

Just a pop of color in a chair and some flowers are enough in this office of gray, relying mostly on patterns and texture to give it depth.

A Moroccan tile is given a muted touch in an elegant shade of gray, giving this bathroom personality that is elegant and subdued.

A lovely gray looks clean and classic against the white subway tiles leading almost all the way to the ceiling. The touches of wood are enough to balance out the space with some warmth.

To give old cabinets a modern facelift, consider painting them gray. It looks great with white molding and tile and can be accented with just about any color of your choosing.

Black accents look very contemporary and stylish against a gray palette. It’s easy to update a space with some gray paint on the walls and black spray paint on an old piece of furniture.

This room is almost entirely in neutrals between the grays and beiges, but the way everything has been layered with textures and pattern make it anything but boring.

Texture plays a huge role in this elegant bedroom, from the paneled walls and ceiling to the rich fabric of the curtains.

This winter, be sure to look for the beauty in the gray.

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