10 Cozy Alcove Bed Ideas

Alcove beds are a cozy space-saving option that can fit into just about anyone’s home. They can transform a closet, awkward attic space, or alcove into something useful. Whether it’s for a master bedroom, guest room, or even for kids, there are tons of great ways to turn an alcove into the perfect cozy bed. And, there are also some great decorating ideas out there to make it not only a totally functional but also very stylish. Here are some inspiring alcove bed ideas.

Turn an awkward attic space into a cozy alcove bed by framing it out and adding a window for light.

Curtains are a great choice for style and privacy for an alcove bed, especially if it’s in a home office or public space.

Wallpaper sets the alcove bed apart and the custom curved molding makes an architectural statement. Matching curtains finish it off.

A bookshelf holds decor and momentos inside this cozy coastal alcove, while a drawer under the bed offers extra storage space.

These little alcoves are the perfect hiding spots for kids and look like they were formed by nature. Each has their own lighting, bedding, and curtains.

 Bunk beds are tucked away in this alcove, easily hidden by a curtain. The striped bedding and matching wallpaper bring the cozy spaces to life.

Alder wood that has been bleached and stained frames out two cozy alcove beds, each with their own reading lamp.

This master bedroom alcove was taken advantage of to create a private, cozy space for the bed. Curtains flank the alcove to soften the space and make it focal point.

This alcove bed not only had lots of extra storage below it and to the side, but it is also raised up to create an even more separated and private space.

This alcove bed is perfect for kids, with tons of storage surrounding it including bookshelves that are accessible via a ladder.

If you’re ever facing an alcove space you’re trying to find a purpose for, consider turning it into a cozy space for a bed.

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