Stylish DIY Ideas Using Christmas Ornaments

Beautiful and stylish holiday decor does not have to come with a big price tag. In fact, some of the best Christmas decor I’ve seen has been created by hand by the homeowner themselves with a little creativity. Some of the easiest and most affordable elements to use in DIY holiday decor are ornaments. They come in every color, shape, and size imaginable so what you can create with them is only limited by your imagination. Plus, you can control your budget very easily because you can pick up pretty Christmas ornaments very inexpensively. Even the Dollar Store has a nice selection. So, without further adieu, here are 8 DIY ideas using Christmas ornaments for decor:

Mix Christmas ornaments into some garland to add shine, dimension, and color. Wrap it around pillars, your front porch railing, or your staircase banister.

Create some decor to hang above your window or door by gathering ornaments and ribbon. Tutorial: Yellow Bliss Road

Place ornaments on candlesticks and gather some with holiday greenery in a pretty serving dish or bowl for a lovely centerpiece.

Here’s another stylish holiday centerpiece, this time using a rectangle serving platter as the base and a candle in a glass hurricane in the center. Surround it with ornaments that match your color scheme.

Create a dazzling wreath using ball ornaments in various sizes and colors. Include lights to make it shine. TutorialMartha Stewart

Hang ornaments from ribbon at varying lengths from your banister and top it off with some holiday garland. Tutorial: BHG

Ornaments make the perfect festive place card for a holiday table setting. Write the guest’s name on the ornament in a nice gold or silver marker or paint it on. You could also attach a place card with the guest’s name to the ornament’s hook on top instead.

Adorn your chandelier with some holiday glamour by gathering Christmas ornaments and hanging them by ribbon from your chandelier. Tutorial: Bower Power

Which one of these DIY projects are you excited to try?

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