Dr. Who Gingerbread House

My kids and I love making gingerbread houses every Christmas. It’s one of our traditions. Last year, we made one inspired by the adorable Disney/Pixar movie UP! This year, we decided to make one inspired by one of our favorite TV shows, Dr. Who. We had so had such a blast making it and I think it turned out so cute. Here’s a tutorial for anyone who is interested in making their own Dr. Who gingerbread house.

Step 1. We actually started with a regular gingerbread house to have additional support. We then made 4 sides of gingerbread and one top.  The two sides had a cut out of them like a roof pitch and the other two were flat since they would be on top of the roof.

Step 2. We put the five pieces of gingerbread together and “glued” them together with Confectionery Coating chocolate.  To melt it to the desired consistency, I added some Paramount Crystals.  Just a pinch of the flakes was enough to work well with a cup of the chocolate. Once the top of the dalek was done, we were able to use the melted chocolate to hold the top to the existing gingerbread house.

Step 3.   We used a small amount of chocolate to make the light on the top by cutting pieces around a silver gum ball. The windows, Dr. Who sign, other white signs, and the characters were made out of gum paste.  For most of them, I added Tragacanth Gum powder so they would set faster and not loose their shape.  We used icing colors to get some of the desired colors including flesh color, pants, jacket, etc. The icing colors also work well as paints for the eyes, and other features.

Step 4. For Dr. Who’s hair, we put the gum paste through a garlic press.  We also melted chocolate of different colors to make trees and wreaths.  The cobblestones around the base are multicolored sunflower seeds.

Enjoy creating yours!

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