Decorating With Black and White Stripes

Stripes are the most classic, simple pattern you can find in design. If you are someone who loves clean lines and timeless style, then stripes are the perfect way to add some visual interest to a space. Perhaps the most notable color scheme for stripes is black and white. They go with any pop of color you can think of and can make any boring space feel chic and fabulous. There are myriad ways to incorporate this look in your home, from the floor to window treatments and beyond, so here are some fun ideas for black and white stripes to inspire your own home decor. (And if you really love stripes and want to see more, you’ll love my other post on beautiful rooms with striped walls.)

Wide black and white stripes create an chic look for flooring. By leaving the rest of the space simple, you create a look with impact and elegance.

A banquette is a perfect place to display a stylish pattern. The colorful green pillows pop on the black and white stripes.

Vertical black and white stripes on roman shades add a touch of Parisian flair to this quaint and charming kitchen.

One black and white striped accent wall can create a simple yet very chic focal point for a room.

Stripes are such a timeless look, you can think outside the box on how to use them and still stay chic, as seen with this black and white striped sink.

Striped walls are an inexpensive but very stylish option for a back splash design. The stripes had some classic flair to this modern kitchen.

A black and white striped canopy offers shade and style on this elegant-casual patio. It’s simple enough to allow the greenery to pop against it.

A striped tablecloth is a great way to add some pattern to an outdoor dining space that can be swapped out at any time or have different colored accents added to it for every season.

Black and white striped awnings add some charm to these windows and doors for a look that is chic and vintage.

Give each seat its own canopy for a resort-style feel in your outdoor living area. Punch your black and white stripes with accents of a bright color such as green.

The next time you are looking to add a bit of classic flair to a space consider black and white stripes, even in something small as a pillow.

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