Ask A Decorator: Shared Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Some of the most fun spaces to decorate are children’s spaces. Your imagination is the limit. I did a post earlier this year on little boys bedrooms and a reader’s question prompted me to do one on little girls bedrooms, specifically one on shared spaces.

What are some ideas for setting up and decorating a shared bedroom for two little girls? ─ Danielle

There are a range of options for laying out a bedroom for two little girls. When choosing a layout, consider how old the girls are (for example, bunk beds aren’t appropriate for the very little ones), how much storage you need, and how much floor space you would like to have. Other things such as window placement, solid wall space, and ceiling height also need to be taken into account. Also think about how long you plan on having the girls share this space. If you see them continuing to share it years down the road, consider choosing a style of bed that they will feel comfortable using as they get older.

Here are various shared bedroom ideas for girls, including inspiration on layout and style.

Little girls will love this bunk bed set fit for royalty. Its classic style will allow them to grow into it as they get older.

For a small space, arrange two beds along the wall, end to end, to leave an open space for the girls to play. You may even have enough room for a tiny table for tea parties.

Here is another bunk bed idea, this time perfect for a small space. The bead board and fun fabrics give it personality, while the curtains offer the girls extra privacy.

This room is definitely not lacking in storage. Similar to bunk beds, this designer put the second bed atop storage to make the most of the small space.

By placing both beds side by side against the walls at the far end of the room, each girl gets a daybed set up using comfy pillows to sit up against.

Corner beds help save floor space and offer space for shelving behind the beds. You can also choose beds with extra storage below them so each girl has her own space to store some belongings.

A great way to make each bed feel personalized is to hang a framed photo of the little girl to which it belongs to above it.

This set-up offers a cozy nook space under the loft bed and storage under the other bed. You could also make that a trundle bed if you wanted extra space for sleepovers.

Do you think any of these ideas would work well for your little girls?

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