Ask A Decorator: Home Office French Doors

Home offices are becoming more and more popular in homes today, even to the point of “dens” being built into floor plans to offer designated space for it. This question from a reader asks a great question about separating these spaces from the rest of the house:

I’d love to put French doors leading into my home office. Can you give me some ideas for style?Christy

French doors look fantastic leading into a home office, but it all depends on your personal taste and needs, as well the space in which your home office occupies when choosing what style to go with. It’s important to consider factors such as size and privacy when choosing doors for your home office. Here are several ideas for home office French doors, including a few unique ideas you may not have thought of before.

Classic white double French doors looks clean and chic leading into a feminine home office space.

These old sliding French doors have a ton of character and charm, perfect for a rustic farmhouse or vintage look.

Black French doors offer contrast and is a chic look that both men and women will like.

For small spaces, pocket French doors work very well and allow the space to feel open while offering privacy when needed.

Not exactly a French door, but if you want something unique leading into your office a sliding barn door is a cool option.

These floor-to-ceiling French doors have a super modern look for someone who loves clean lines.

To accommodate space and privacy, these frosted sliding doors are perfect for separating a home office space.

These paneled double doors are stylish and offer complete privacy for a home office when they are closed.

Folding French doors are another great option for a small space and have a charming look when either open or closed.

Don’t be afraid to paint your home office French doors in a color that you love. Just make sure it flows with the rest of the home.

Which of these ideas do you think would look great in your own home?

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