Stylish Mailboxes That Will Improve Curb Appeal

A mailbox is such a staple in our yards that it can often be overlooked by homeowners. The truth is, the mailbox is an important feature in your front yard that can make a difference in your curb appeal. If it looks dingy or worn out, guests or buyers will notice. A stylish, clean mailbox will say something about the home and the way its taken care of, so it’s smart not to overlook this feature. Consider it an extension of your home. Here are some ideas for a variety of mailboxes, from DIY renovations to seasonal decor.

This wall-hanging mailbox from Pottery Barn is chic and classic.

If you have a vintage mailbox, refurbish it and bring it back to life with a can of spray paint to give it a fresh look.

Seasonal foliage spruces up this old-fashioned bronze mailbox, complete with a slot for the newspaper.

Match your mailbox to your stucco home with a column mount mailbox that will blend seamlessly.

A fresh coat of paint and some colorful landscaping can breathe new life into an old mailbox.

Multi-colored leaves and some seasonal gourds bring the fall spirit to this stylish mailbox.

If your street has a cluster of mailboxes, you can create a DIY post complete with a roof and pretty plants to give it new life.

If you’re feeling bold, paint your mailbox in a special color that reflects you.

If your home has a lot of history, tie the mailbox into its story. This retro mid-century modern mailbox has a lot of character.

Stone work can take an average mailbox and turn it into something special. If your house numbers aren’t visible, add some that are clear and stylish.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to increase your curb appeal with some style.

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