Ask A Decorator: Creating A Staircase Gallery Wall

Galleries displayed on the staircase wall have been a popular trend for centuries, starting with paintings and eventually incorporating photography. The wall of a staircase presents a perfect opportunity to display art or photos because it is a large, blank space. A gallery and a staircase wall suit each other beautifully. A reader recently asked a question regarding a staircase gallery wall.

How do you create a gallery wall on the stairs? Vickie

There are a few easy tricks to creating a beautiful gallery wall. It may seem a bit daunting, particularly if you have many different sizes of art or photos to incorporate, but it’s actually easier than you might think.

First, figure out every piece of art or photo you would like to include. Be conscious of choosing frames and matting that will look good when grouped together on the wall. To make it easy, you can go with all the same frame and matting style. Then, cut out paper the size of each frame and tape them to the wall to play around with the layout. While creating the layout, make sure each frame is equal distance apart from each other and lay them out at eye level or slightly above. Pay attention to which art or photo is going where, basing your choices on how each will flow to the next. Find balance between color, shape and scale.

Here are some ideas for a staircase gallery wall to inspire you and help you plan your own:

This gallery wall has mismatched frames but they were arranged to flow together in a way that made sense to the eye. The layout also follows the beautiful curvature of the staircase.

Even a small staircase wall can display a charming array of art. Notice how the frames are blocked out and spaced from each other at the same distance they are spaced from the molding to create a perfect flow.

If you have an extra wall above the stairs, you can take advantage of that space, too. You’ll enjoy seeing it every time you descend.

Designer Scott Yetman followed a pattern while designing this gallery layout, creating a consistent design despite the differences in colors, sizes and shapes.

By using all the same style, color and size of frame, not to mention keeping all the photos in black and white, this staircase has a clean, contemporary feel. They’ve simply flipped the frames for vertical photos and positioned them wisely to keep the flow.

Incorporate color from your home’s color palette into your staircase gallery wall to tie everything together.

Use large framed art or photos to create a grand effect on a massive wall.

Hope these tips and ideas have helped you plan your own staircase gallery wall. Good luck!

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