Ask A Decorator: How To Set Up A Dresser Tablescape

A tablescape refers to the decor on a table that tells a story through color, texture, and accessories. Tablescapes can be found in several places, such as dining tables, an entryway table, an end table, or even a vanity or dresser. While some prefer these surfaces to be strictly functional or just have one or two decorate pieces out, you can also take it a bit further and create an entire vignette. Here’s a question I received from a reader:

How do I set up a tablescape on my dresser? ─ Sal

This all depends on your tastes and lifestyle. A dresser or vanity is typically found in a bedroom, the most intimate and personal room in a home. This means it should reflect you more than any other space. You really are decorating it for you. The best way to do this it to find artifacts that have special meaning to you that you feel really represent who you are and that you will be happy to look at every day, when you wake up and right before you go to bed. Then it comes down to arranging them in a visually appealing way, keeping in mind height, color, and spacing.

Here are some inspiring tips and ideas to help you plan your own dresser or vanity tablescape.

An ecclectic, masculine appeal runs through this dresser tablescape. Framed artwork and lamps propped up on books create height and visual interest.

This is a typical set-up for a dresser. Hanging art and a lamp frame a few special pieces. Propping up items on a book or two always helps to add height and extra personality.

Instead of artwork, a mirror is another great addition to a tablescape. It reflects light and helps the room look bigger.

Carrying the tablescape up the wall through staggered art keeps the eye moving and adds interest while keeping the surface of the dresser simple.

An incredible sculpture is the focal point of this tablescape, reflected by an elegant mirror and flanked by industrial lamps.

Unique touches like a vintage hat and the purple flowers make this tablescape sweet and charming.

This rustic tablescape has pieces that look like they were gathered over time through travels and experiences. The empty frame set on a vintage suitcase was a great touch.

A mix of gold and muted colors create a lovely and simple tablescape for this white dresser.

If you want to display perfume bottles and/or make-up on your vanity, gather most of it in a pretty tray for a less cluttered look.

Take pride in setting up a dresser or vanity tablescape that is a reflection of you and the things you love.

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