Ask A Decorator: How To Make Your Bedroom Design More Tranquil

For many, the bedroom is the most sacred room in a home. It’s where they go to relax, unwind, and put away the stresses of the day. They want a space that reflects a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. This is easy to achieve through the right color palette and other important design choices. Here’s a question from a reader:

How do I make my bedroom more tranquil?David

Such a great question and fortunately, very easy to do! As I said, it’s all about choosing the right color palette and a few key design selections to make a bedroom feel more peaceful. Stay away from bold or bright colors, as they typically inspire energy. Think softer, more subdued tones. Lighting is also important. Choose a lower wattage or install a dimmer so the lighting is less harsh.

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Here are some bedroom decorating ideas and more tips for creating a peaceful space:

Neutral tones that are soft on the eye are perfect for a quiet bedroom. Blue is a perfect touch of color, as its the most serene color in the color wheel. This wall color is Luminaire by Benjamin Moore.

A gray palette captures tranquility in spades. Simplicity is key here, with just a few varying textures to create depth.

A wall of neutral sheen curtains creates a lush effect in this peaceful space. Notice the smart choice of pattern on the headboard and bedding; it’s intricate but subdued with a base of pale blue.

If you prefer darker colors, focus on a warm neutral for the walls and strike a balance between black and white in the accents so it neither too heavy nor too light.

You don’t have to include neutrals to create tranquility. Here’s a green bedroom uses various patterns and shades to make a relaxing retreat.

Soft blue walls with a touch of gray will instantly transform a space into one that is more serene. Elegant drapery, comfortable bedding, and curved lines continue the look.

Soft blues cool down this rustic yet relaxing bedroom. Keep everything subdued, nothing too saturated, to keep it tranquil.

Even red can be considered tranquil in the right tones as seen here in this comfortable bedroom suite.

To make your bedroom more quiet, simply focus on bringing in soft, subdued colors and comfortable accents.

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