10 Charming Ideas For Chesterfield Furniture

Chesterfield sofas have been around for centuries, first appearing in England when it was made for the Earl of a town of the same name. The style is defined by a few qualities including its low seat, tufted look, and the fact that it is usually entirely upholstered. It always has a very luxurious and royal look, even in many of its modern incarnations. The fact that it has been around so long means that you can expect it not to go out of style any time soon. Even after all these years, it manages to be a unique style that is both classic and contemporary. These 10 Chesterfield looks show the range of options this style has seen, even outside of the original sofa including beds and chairs.

This is a classic example of a chesterfield sofa. Being covered in velvet, it has an elegant and highly luxurious feel perfect for a glamorous sitting room.

The extended length of this green Chesterfield sofa makes a wonderfully grand statement in such a large space. The matching ottomans offer extra seating for guests.

A Chesterfield sofa in a bright color offers a pop of color while maintaining its classic elegance, as demonstrated in this fantastic red one.

Chesterfield sofas also come in smaller love seats that have a chic boutique quality. Perfect for a sitting room or extra seating in a home office.

If you’re feeling whimsical, try a Chesterfield sofa in a pattern such as stripes to add some flair to your space.

The Chesterfield style isn’t restricted to just sofas. A tufted headboard brings understated elegance to this bedroom.

Antique Chesterfield chairs like this one are the epitome of elegance. The studded accents add some modern flair to an old classic.

This white and gold Chesterfield armchair is fit for a princess. The solid white is modern and the gold brings out the details to add some antique flair to it.

A Chesterfield chaise is both stylish and very comfortable. It’s the perfect chair for a reading nook.

Chesterfield beds are a perfect focal point for a Hollywood Regency style bedroom. They possess that glamour and decadence the style is known for.

Would you ever include a Chesterfield style piece in your home?

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