How To Add Character With Beadboard

Beadboard is one of the best and most affordable ways to add character to a home. It’s a timeless look that has been around for decades but never seems to go out of style. Typically, beadboard is seen in a cottage-style home but it can be versatile depending on how you decorate the room around it. Besides being affordable, it’s also pretty easy to install. It’s a great DIY project for the weekend if you want to quickly add some charm to a space. You can paint it and it comes in a variety of heights and widths to suit the look you are going for. It can be used to add character to a lot of different spaces in many different ways. To give you some ideas, here are 10 ways to add character to your home with beadboard.

Beadboard is a perfect way to distinguish an area such as this corner in a mud room. Without it, this area would be functional but not nearly as stylish.

Beadboard is a classic look for a bathroom. You can either carry it up to the ceiling or have it go only so far up the wall. That leaves the top part available for a bold color or beautiful wallpaper.

Beadboard on the walls and ceiling will give a living room a very warm, cottage feel as seen here. Paint it a crisp white or even a color of your choosing.

Beadboard looks great in a cottage kitchen. You can partially cover the walls with it or even use it as a backsplash.

I featured this image in a post on inviting entryways because the beadboard gives it so much warmth and character. I love how they carrier it to the top of the door to take advantage of the high ceilings.

Beadboard can give a staircase some charm by following the height of the banister. It did a nice job of adding texture to the white walls along this staircase.

Break up the monotony of a long hallway with some beadboard. It will give it some interest and keep it from looking dull.

Remodel some old kitchen cabinets with some beadboard to create a fresh cottage-style kitchen.

Add some pizzazz to a walk-in pantry with beadboard on the walls.

If you have a small home office space, designate it with some charming beadboard to set it apart from the rest of the space.

Would you ever consider using beadboard in your home?

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