10 Fun Ideas For A Kids Play Room

Any parent knows that if you have space for a play room in your home, they’re a great addition for kids. It gets their toys out of their bedroom and not only helps keep that space clean, but also designates it for sleeping so kids aren’t inclined to stay up past bedtime. Even a small area can make for a great play room with some smart planning and fun decorating. In fact, some of the most fun spaces in the world to decorate are the ones meant for children. Here are 10 ideas for play rooms that will have your and your kids’ imaginations going wild.

A small space was made efficient for this play room by using bookcases for storage and a small table, just big enough for the kids to draw pictures on or play a game.

A window seat is an excellent choice for a kids play room. It not only offers plenty of seating but also tons of storage underneath.

Does your little girl love putting on a show? A stage can be made easily in the corner of a room with some plywood and curtains.

 Kids will go crazy over chalkboard paint on the walls. Finally, they can draw on the walls without getting into trouble! It gives them the chance to be creative.

Any kid would go nuts over this indoor tree house and stage. A mural is a great way to add pizzazz to a play room.

A play room doesn’t have to be fancy: some fun storage, a bean bag chair, a soft rug and some sleeping bags can create the perfect getaway.

If you want to go high-concept, here’s some amazing inspiration. Kids love a stage to perform on. An spectacular mural and some creative lighting really set the atmosphere in this play room.

For kids that love crafts and art, having a nice big table for them to work at is a great idea. Choose a table like this one with a shelf and drawer below to maximize storage space.

Kids love a place they can hide in. A teepee is an easy and affordable way to offer that in a play room. I love how the shelving is so rustic and fits the forest theme of this space.

Speaking of hideaway, what kid wouldn’t love to be the prince or princess of their own castle? Some creative carpentry can go a long way.

As a kid, do you wish you had a play room like one of these?

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