Ask A Decorator: Choosing A Wall Color For Dark Wood Floors

Last week I introduced a new feature called Ask A Decorator, where I’ll be answering reader-submitted staging and decorating questions. My first question was on neutral decorating for a bedroom, where I gave some tips and ideas for how to use a neutral palette in a bedroom without it being boring. I love answering questions and helping out people with their design dilemmas, so I decided to jump in to another one!

Which color paint matches best with dark wood floors? ─ Sam

Dark wood floors are a beautiful choice for a home. While you can choose a darker color for the walls, be warned that it will make the space feel smaller and oppressive because dark colors absorb the light. If the floors are really dark, it’s best to choose a lighter color for the walls such as a nice grey, soft blue, or beige.  These colors will offset the heaviness of the floor and also make the wood stand out more.

Before deciding on a paint color, it’s always best to buy some paint testers in the colors you’re considering and paint some sections of a wall to see how they blend with the floors, as well as how the lighting of that specific room reacts with the color. Believe it or not, paint colors can look totally different from room to room!

Here are some examples of wall colors with dark wood floors:

Creamy walls make an elegant statement with these high gloss dark hardwood floors. By matching the hardware and light fixtures to the floor, everything ties together nicely.

Buttercream walls have a soft, warm effect on a space with dark wood floors without creating a feeling of confinement.

Soft blue walls have wonderful harmony with dark wood floors. They offer a pinch of color without overwhelming a space.

For a very contemporary feel, pair a nice shade of grey with dark wood floors.

Hope this has inspired you with some ideas for choosing the right color for dark wood floors.  If you have any decorating or staging questions you would like me to answer, feel free to contact me!

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