How To Decorate For Maximum Resale Value

When preparing a home for the market, it is all about creating an atmosphere that will entice buyers and make them feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. Quite often, a buyers’ choice to put in an offer is as much affected by the floor plan as it is the overall “feel” of the home which is captured by clever staging. Why do you think builders deck out model homes in beautiful decor instead of showing empty homes to prospective buyers? It is important to create a space that is warm and inviting.

There are a lot of important steps to consider before getting to the decorating portion of staging, such as curb appeal and things like decluttering, depersonalizing, and making necessary repairs. After all that is done, sprucing up your house’s decor is another important step before opening the doors to buyers. These tips will show you how to decorate for maximum resale value and attract the most number of buyers.

Get ideas from model homes. They are a wealth of inspiration for staging a home. Model homes are completely staged by designers to maximize the attractiveness of the house and appeal to the most buyers as possible, making them the perfect examples of what you should be doing to your home to make it market ready. Take note of the little details they add to each space to make it warm and inviting and leave an impression in buyers’ minds.

Make sure each room has a specific purpose. It may seem silly, but buyers can become easily confused by how to use a space if it isn’t obvious as soon as they step inside. If a room is being used for more than one purpose, it can be disorienting. Try to give each room its own identity, like a guest bedroom OR an office, not both. It is easy to stage these rooms. Just a few key pieces to get the point across is all you need.

Paint an accent wall. Neutral spaces are great for resale because neutrals give the buyers a chance to imagine a blank canvas. To add some flavor to a space and keep it from getting boring, try painting an accent wall with a lighter or darker shade of whatever neutral you’re using. This is a great way to add depth to the space. This little bit of dimension will do wonders to make the space more visually interesting and inviting.

Bring in color through accessories. This is another great way to keep a space from getting too boring. Accent pillows, a throw, vases, and other pretty accessories in coordinating colors will bring the neutrals from drab to fab without turning off buyers, because all the colors are easily changeable. Even some fresh flowers are a great way to bring in some color.

Add character with creative artwork. You can make your own with some of the many great DIY ideas for wall art or purchase some inexpensive artwork (such as photos from that you can put in a simple black frame and hang throughout your home. No well-staged model home is without some nice pieces of artwork because it makes a home look warm and finished.

Create warmth with area rugs. They help define a space, particularly in a living room, and do a lot to add warmth and color. If there are any problem areas in your flooring, they can do a great job in hiding those spots. Just make sure the rugs aren’t in awkward spots that it makes it obvious you are trying to hide something unpleasant.

Let the light in through smart window treatments and artificial lighting. Light is one of the most important factors in any home on the market, because light makes a space feel fresh and open and also enhances the size of the space. Buyers hate to walk into a dark, dingy space so it is crucial that you choose window treatments that are lightweight and easy to keep open during showings. For dark corners without enough natural light, furnish them with a pretty lamp and a high-wattage bulb.

With these tips in practice, it is easy to create a home that will speak to a buyer’s psychology and make them feel like they are walking into their future home. It is all about making them feel welcome and attracted to a space they can live in for years to come.

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