Ask A Decorator: Neutral Decorating For A Bedroom

As a home stager, decorator, and event stylist my favorite part of my job is helping people. Of course it’s a lot of fun to make things beautiful, but the most rewarding part is the gratitude of my clients and how it changes their lives for the better. Since doing this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to reach out to so many new people and I’ve had a great experience sharing tips and ideas that I’ve learned over time. I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails for decorating and staging advice from readers, so I thought it would be nice to share my answers on the blog in case anyone else could benefit from the same advice. Here’s my first question:

What are some neutral decorating ideas for a bedroom? ─ Kevin

Kevin, this is a great question I receive often as a home stager because making a home more neutral is one of the most important steps in preparing a home for sale. For bedrooms, I suggest choosing neutral bedding as it will be the primary focus of the room. Go with either creamy or gray tones. If your curtains have a lot of color in them or are outdated, consider switching those out for something neutral, as well. The trick is to layer different shades and patterns of a neutral color to add depth and keep it visually interesting. If you want to bring in any color at all, have it in minor accessories such as a pillow or two,  a piece of art on the wall, or a decor item on an end table such as a fresh flower.

Here are some examples of neutral bedrooms:

A soft yellow, champagne and white serve well as neutrals in this bedroom that has a hotel vibe. The black accents pop against it to add some elegance.

This bedroom is done entirely in neutrals but isn’t bland because of the wonderful use of patterns and layers of tones. The fresh flowers on the end table are a great touch to add some color.

The olive green used in only the pillows and throw is perfect for a neutral bedroom. It adds depth and color without being overpowering. The different sheens, patterns and textures in the pillows also keep things interesting.

Black is a great neutral when used the right way. In this bedroom, it is sophisticated on the antique furniture and looks beautiful with the creamy bedding, flooring and walls.

Another lovely, elegant example of a neutral bedroom. The white linen is clean and fresh against the beige walls and pops of black in the other furniture.

Hope this advice helps you create a beautiful, neutral bedroom of your own.

Warm regards,

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