Art Under the Table: Unique Table Bases

It may not seem like a likely piece to consider “art,” but the truth is table bases come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Whether it’s a dining room table, coffee table, or end table there is no reason it has to disappear into the background. This is a great opportunity to choose something that will make a statement and could be one of the coolest features in your space. From functional to highly sculptural or artistic, there are thousands of possibilities for table bases that will excite the decorator in you. Here are 10 unique table bases are inspiring and eye-catching.

Wood table bases shaped like branches offer a timeless rustic look that is versatile and will always be talked about.

This table base is truly a work of art. The texture, lines, and fluidity of it make it one of the most interesting points in the room.

Did you ever think your table could offer you extra storage space? This cute table from Pottery Barn does just this that.

Here’s another table base made from twisted wood, though this time it’s been painted white for a more modern, crisp look.

Whoever designed this industrial table took advantage of the glass top to create a really cool, artistic effect that could be enjoyed from all sides.

This geometric table brings art and function together for a wonderfully modern look.

The sculptural base of this table looks like something you could see in a modern art gallery.

A great way to repurpose old columns is by using them to create a lovely table base.

The ultra modern bases on this table resemble a spider’s web with his beautifully intricate designs.

Mirrors always make a space feel larger, so having them on a table base will reflect light through the dining room and also give the space some glamour.

What is the coolest table base you have ever seen?

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