5 Min Room Makeovers, Part 3: Bedroom & Bathroom

This week I have been sharing tips and ideas for fast, easy makeovers. Part 1 focused on living room ideas and Part 2 focused on both the kitchen and dining room. For the third and final post, we’re heading to the most personal areas of the home: the bedroom and bathrooms. For the bedroom, it’s one of the easiest spaces to make over quickly and easily without having to buy any new furniture (besides a headboard, which I mention a solution to in the post). The bathroom may seem trickier because their renovations can be costly, but I’ve supplied some ideas for redecorating that space in a cinch for little to no cost. Don’t forget, all of these ideas are great for home staging, too, if you plan on putting a house on the market.


The bed is the first thing anyone sees when they walk into the bedroom. Changing out the bedding will give you a whole new direction for the room if you want to change out colors or style, or simply want something fresh. If you want to change it out often, consider the less expensive option of a duvet to give you plenty of versatility.

Curtains are an important finishing touch of a room. If you’re bored with your current curtains, consider changing them out for something new. Play around with color, pattern, and texture that won’t require the labor of painting the walls.

A beautiful area rug can make a space feel warmer and cozier, especially if your floors aren’t carpeted. If you need a pop of color, consider bringing it in through an area rug. It’s also a perfect opportunity to play with patterns, as well, to add more visual interest to the space.

If you want a new look for your bed without spending a fortune on a whole new set, replace just the headboard. There are tons of great DIY projects for headboards that will give your bedroom a whole new vibe and create a beautiful focal point for the room.


A new shower curtain is one of the easiest and quickest things to change out a bathroom that can effect the entire look of it. If it’s a small bathroom, this is especially true because the shower curtain will take up a lot of visual space. Feel free to change it out once a year if you want something fresh because you don’t have to invest a lot of time or money to accomplish it.

It’s smart to replace hand towels every so often because they can get dingy from so much use if they’re functional. Whether you use them for drying or just have them displayed decoratively, hand towels are an easy accent to swap out for something new. Try a new color or pattern to freshen things up.

Switching out outdated lighting can be a huge improvement for any space, especially a bathroom. You’ll be amazed by the transformation when you remove those boring builder lights and replace them with something with more character. You can even consider hanging a chandelier in the middle of the space to add some glamour.

If your bathroom feels bland, spice it up with some new accessories. Bathrooms don’t have to just be functional ─ they can be dressed up with decor just like any other space. Choose a pretty new soap dispenser, towel rack, or waste basket to update the general things and throw in some extra accessories to spice it up like an apothecary jar full of seashells or some fresh flowers in a vase.

Have these ideas been helpful to you? Hope so! Happy decorating!

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