10 Ideas For Styling A Window Seat

Window seats are a beloved feature of a home that are regarded as something special. Many home buyers get excited when they see one in a home. It’s pretty easy to install a window seat if you don’t already have one; if you have a bay window or a corner with windows, that works best. However; you can create your own easily with some bookcases or cabinets on either side of a window if it has enough wall space and fashion a seat in between. Then comes the fun part: the decorating. Styling a window seat is a simple, fun project because it’s a small space that can have a huge impact. Here are 10 ideas with some tips on styling a window seat.

Built-in shelves are a great way to add function and style to a window seat. Use them to display decor or books.

A window seat can double as seating for dining. Just pick up a table of the right height – it doesn’t have to match the window seat exactly.

Window seats are great for mud rooms or a place to take off/put on shoes. Some creative styling that reflects the family’s interest can make this the perfect functional nook.

For some simple window seat decor, choose some pretty pillows that bring in color and texture.

With the addition of a table, a window seat can be a great spot for doing homework or crafts for the kids and parents alike.

A punch of color in the seating and pillows will bring style to a window seat, as well as a great light fixture.

Stripes can always be counted on to add some timeless style to any space. Notice the rolled pillows, one being used to divide the long bench.

Window seats can provide additional storage as seen here, where they used cute baskets underneath the seat.

If you need to stage a window seat while selling a home, some pillows, a nice throw, and a little coffee cup will set the stage for a relaxing nook. Maybe add a book, as well.

Even the smallest window seat can have style. With the combination of color, texture and decor, this seat is cozy and inviting.

If you have a window seat, how did you style it? If not, are you tempted to create one now?

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