10 Ideas For An Inspiring Home Gym

Home gyms are becoming more and more prevalent in homes today as people’s lives become busier and gas prices go up. There are many advantages to a home gym. They are convenient, save you the time and money of driving to a gym, and also save you on membership fees. You can fit your workout seamlessly into your routine whenever it works for you. Like any other space in your home, it is important that it’s a space that makes you feel good. While some of us don’t necessarily enjoy working out, it’s even harder to step foot into your home gym if it’s ugly and drab. With some simple decorating tips, you can make a home gym that will inspire and motivate you.

Lowe’s outlines how to create a perfect functional home gym from a spare bedroom. The bright colors in this gym are energetic and inspiring and there is plenty of storage for all your workout gear.

By putting the elliptical and treadmill at an angle, you open up the room for a better flow and more floor space.

If you prefer yoga and a more tranquil fitness experience, then focus on bringing colors and patterns into the space that will make you feel good. Some inspiring words of wisdom on the wall will keep you going.

A home gym doesn’t have to be fancy. Include a few of your favorite pieces of equipment and a television so you don’t get bored. Simple things like choosing the same colored mat and exercise ball will make the space feel finished.

You don’t need a full room to devote to a home gym. If you have a loft or alcove, one or more key machines can fit right in. If it’s by a window, even better.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a great feature for a home gym because you can check your form while doing exercises and it makes the space feel twice as large.

If you’re a busy parent, including a craft or homework space for your kids in the same room is a great way to keep an eye on your little ones while you work out.

A home gym can be chic and functional, as shown in this pretty workout space. The stylish cabinet and light fixture add a little glam to the space.

For a more masculine, rustic exercise room consider some wood design features to make it feel less utilitarian.

If light and seeing the outdoors is a big source of inspiration for you, try to choose a room or spot in your house that offers you the best view and source of natural light.

Do any of these spaces make you feel inspired to set up a home gym of your own?

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