Character & Charm: Interior Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed brick walls are wonderful for adding character to a space. Decades ago, exposed brick was very common and now it is revered as a charming characteristic of an era gone by. Design wise, exposed brick adds texture to a space and fits a variety of styles. It is perfect for adding warmth to a space and is more versatile than just the “modern loft” look that most people associate it with. It can be painted and transformed in ways that can amaze you. Check out these ten ideas for using exposed brick in an interior space.

By painting the exposed brick walls white,  it becomes a clean and neutral space without being boring because of the texture.

The walls give character to the space without interrupting the modern style.

Ever thought about painting brick black? It’s perfect for a masculine space such as an office.

Brick can be painted any color you’d like. No color is boring on brick.

The exposed brick adds warmth and character to this elegant, cozy bedroom.

Exposed brick leading up a stairway is a great way to add some character to tricky space to decorate.

Leaving the brick completed exposed and untouched creates a loft-style look full of character.

Exposed brick on the ceiling is totally unexpected and makes a beautiful statement in a space.

A little bit of brick can be a beautiful accent, like the painted brick on these kitchen pillars.

Leaving only portions of the walls exposed creates a dramatic accent that adds a little warmth to the room.

If you have been wishing your home had more character, consider installing some exposed brick accents to bring in some charm.

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