Bold and the Beautiful: Colorful Walls

Painting walls in a bold color can be an intimidating idea for some homeowners because “overwhelming” a space is a concern. The truth is, with smart design even the boldest colors can look amazing in a room without ever feeling like it’s too much. The trick is to pair it with the right accessories, furniture and molding and “break up” the color with these elements. By using these elements correctly, a bold color can just be the icing on the cake of a beautiful room. Here are some examples of some beautiful rooms with bold walls.

Blue is the most soothing of all colors in the color wheel. Even this deep blue spread over a large space has a calming effect.

The glossy burnt orange walls in this living/dining area are energizing and modern.

Turquoise is perfect for an office space or teen girl’s hip bedroom.

Glossy cobalt blue walls pull this fun, eccentric space together. Love how it was carried to the ceiling.

Just a pop of green behind the bookshelves livens up this space and looks great against all the white.

The orange on this wall gives the space a happy Tuscan feel.

Pink can be fabulous outside of a little girl’s room. That amazing fireplace really stands out against the pink and the accessories make the space grown-up.

By adding a white chair rail along the lower half of the wall, you can break up the boldness of the upper color.

Burnt orange walls are warm and cozy, perfect for livening up a traditional space.

Purple has a richness to it that suits the antiques in this room very well.

Are you feeling more bold now?

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