10 Ways To Use Zebra Print In Your Home

A great way to add visual interest to a space is through pattern and texture, and one of my favorites happens to be zebra print. It has been present in design for ages and has never gone out of style. Zebra is a timeless pattern that works great in a variety of modes and styles, adding flair and style wherever it goes. You can use a little bit or a lot, depending on your taste. You may be surprised just how versatile and elegant this beautiful pattern can be.

Here are 10 ways to use zebra print in your home.

Arm chairs in zebra print have a luxurious look that works great in a living room.

Choosing a pattern for a staircase is a little too bold for some people, but it can really make a statement for those who love to stand out.

Zebra print on the walls can be a sophisticated way to bring pattern into an office or bedroom.

A zebra tablecloth can dress up a table in style. The neutral color of it creates an understated elegance.

For a foyer, a touch of zebra pattern will draw your eye to the vignette.

The bench brings some warmth and texture to this minimalist space.

Who said bold colors couldn’t be chic? That bright yellow pops beautifully on the black and white in this space.

Zebra print looks beautiful in neutral tones, especially if you want the pattern without the boldness of black and white.

A traditional space can be livened up by incorporating a little bit of zebra print as seen in these pillows.

The painted zebra print turns this fireplace into a work out art and the focal point of this space.

Are you going wild for zebra print now?

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