The Cheeriest Color of All: Ideas for Yellow Rooms

Yellow is known as the happiest, most cheerful color in the rainbow. It is said to promote energy and good health, making it a great color to have around. Decorating with it can be a challenge, though, as most people instantly go to the idea of a canary yellow like what you see on Big Bird, but that’s far from being all that yellow has to offer in interior decorating. In fact, it is very versatile coming in a range of tones from gold to butter cream. Some might assume it’s a juvenile color but it can actually be quite elegant if used correctly. And being gender-neutral, it is also a great option for settling those color wars between spouses.

Here are 10 beautiful and inspiring ideas for yellow rooms.

A romantic and cheerful bedroom demonstrating yellow can be comfortable and elegant.

Creamy yellow walls and gold accents helps this foyer exude elegance, while the accent wall adds some whimsy to the space.

Waking up to this bathroom will surely get you off to a good and energized start in the morning.

Yellow walls are a great choice for a cottage look, especially with accents of green and white.

This living room doesn’t immediately scream “yellow” because its tone are more creamy and gold.

So simple, yet so effective. The gold tile makes a great statement.

Yellow stripes are a sure way to grab someone’s attention. They would be perfect for a kid’s play room.

Yellow is a fun backdrop to this quirky room, playing well off the pink chairs and zebra rug.

That tufted door is gorgeous! And that modern bench is a great find. They really have a chance to stand out with everything else being simple and white.

The different shades of yellow in this room all work together beautifully in this elegant living room.

If you need some fun or elegance in your home’s design, consider a shade of lovely yellow to brighten things up.

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