One Room, Two Beds: Ideas for Guest Rooms With Double Bed Sets

A guest room can be one of the most fun rooms in a home to decorate because you can be totally creative with the design. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the rest of the home. Think of it as your own personal hotel room to decorate. Most people furnish a guest room with a double or queen bed, but if you ever plan to have guests stay over that don’t necessarily want to share the same bed, the best solution (if you can’t have more than one guest room) is to offer more than one bed. Twin (or full, if you have enough space) bed sets offer each guest their own space and avoids the issue of anyone having to sleep on the couch.

Here are some design ideas for guest rooms with two beds.

Everything is perfectly symmetrical in this crisp guest bedroom. The mirror over the table between them offers both height and style.

The tall canopies make an even bigger statement as a pair, taking advantage of the height in the room.

A neutral, comfortable guest bedroom either gender will feel comfortable staying in.

The stripes on the wall cleverly extend the headboard behind either bed.

The wall art joins the two beds into one cohesive space.

Ottomans at the end of each bed offer a place for guests to unload suitcases or put on their shoes.

Having the extra small end tables flanking the space gives each guest their own space.

For a smaller space where you’d still like to offer two separate beds, pushing them together can solve the problem.

The two beds were the perfect way to flank that awkward, though charming window in the middle of the room.

These two beds share the same big headboard for one cohesive look while still offering each guest their own bed.

A couple of twin beds are an inexpensive investment and worth having in your guest room if you plan to have family or friends staying over regularly. You can even use nice air mattresses if necessary. Your guests will thank you!

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