Beautiful Ideas For A Romantic Bedroom

Many people say they want their bedroom to be “romantic,” but what exactly does that mean? There are so many interpretations of a romantic bedroom that it is less about the style and more about other design choices concerning the elements of the room. Romantic bedrooms have a sense of luxury, elegance, and beauty. Lighting is very important, as are the choices in textures. It should be comfortable but sophisticated. Here are some beautiful rooms that I think truly embody the idea of a romantic bedroom.

Long, sheer curtains like these hanging from a simple bed frame are an easy and perfect way to add some romance to a bedroom.

Rich colors, textures and floral patterns give this bedroom a fairytale-like appeal.

For a truly grand look in a bedroom, pay attention to scale. Hanging the cornice at the ceiling and draping curtains down from it was a great way to add height.

This bedroom with all its amazing fabric and textures looks like it is fit for a queen. Love the way the curtains are hung above the bed.

Canopy beds are probably the most romantic of all styles, as you can see demonstrated beautifully here.

Soft, cool tones create a relaxing atmosphere while that simple framed headboard adds just enough extravagance.

For a more relaxed, island look, a canopy bed with sheer white curtains is the perfect choice.

Get creative with your headboard. The antique mirror adds a unique touch and is definitely romantic.

Romance can be understated and comfortable, as seen in this sweet bedroom.

The cool blue tones and gold accents make this bedroom both elegant and romantic.

These romantic bedrooms are the perfect place in which to curl up with a Jane Austen novel, don’t you think?

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