Stairway To Character: Beautiful and Inspiring Staircase Ideas

Staircases have been an architect’s and designer’s playground for centuries. There are so many amazing design opportunities whether you are building one from scratch or want to give a plain staircase a facelift. The easiest ways to alter a staircase that is already there is by adding details or a runner to the steps and painting, staining or replacing the banister and balusters. You can even paint the wall leading up the staircase a different shade than the rest of the house, cover it with paneling or do something creative with art or photographs. The possibilities are endless. Here are ten staircase ideas to inspire you.

A bench on the landing offers a rest stop between flights of stairs. It’s a great use of otherwise dead space and gives people a chance to enjoy that lovely window.

Talk about not wasting any space! This clever designer made great use of every inch of this staircase, turning each riser into a shelf. It’s a unique design aesthetic and it’s functional.

Diamond Baratta used bright, bold colors in a stunning mural to liven up this staircase. The pop of turquoise in the runner pulls it all together.

This staircase in Jennifer Lopez’s home creates a grand statement with clever uses of a table and ottomans, accessories and a long bench at the landing. The white and blue tones off a clean, coastal feel.

I love the detailing in the molding on the stringer. It’s an easy piece of decor to add to your own staircase. You can get decorative molding from your local hardware store such as Lowe’s and then paint it to match your staircase.

Interior designer Diego Gnoato built the bookcases so that they literally look like they are one with this contemporary staircase.

How would you feel walking up this glass staircase? This concept would work well in a small space because the glass takes up no visual space and gives the room a nice open feel.

This stunning wooden staircase looks like it was born from nature as each step look like a branch extending from the beautiful refinished trunk.

A wonderful way to bring in color is through your staircase with a lovely runner. This runner compliments the soft green walls perfectly.

A work of art in its own right, this staircase looks like it belongs in a museum. The balustrade literally looks like it is moving and flowing right before your eyes.

A staircase is a great way to add character to a home and do something truly special. There are tons of great staircase ideas out there. Have fun with it and make it yours!

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