Stunning Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

A master bathroom should be one of the most relaxing places in a home.  It is the first room you walk into in the morning and it is the last you visit at night before your bedroom. It is the space where you refresh and unwind. Because of its importance, it makes sense to give this space a lot of attention in making it beautiful and feel like yours. You can spend a little or a lot in here, but the point is to make it a space you feel good in. I have gathered 10 inspiring master bathrooms that exude luxury and beauty that you can take ideas from for your own space.

That tub! It’s definitely one incredible focal point for this relaxing contemporary bathroom of dark-stained wood and (otherwise) straight lines.

The antique finishes in this off-white bathroom have a feminine flair but are not too much so to make the man of the house feel out of place. The space seems large but it’s actually a small space that was well-planned, taking advantage of the beautiful bay windows and high ceilings.

This bathroom mixes the old with the new in metallic finishes and old world accessories. I love that ornate mirror and the beautiful tiled walls with pops of turquoise.

A chic black and white bathroom with a silver clawfoot tub and pops of red is simple but eye-catching.

The mirrored tiles behind the pedestal sink in this otherwise simple bathroom add a clever touch of glamour.

The wall of mirrors in this contemporary white bathroom make the space feel huge. Instead of regular cabinets, the cabinetry has open shelves that look cool and modern.

This old world bathroom is all about comfort and luxury. The bathtub has its own nook, which you could recreate with some painted or stained molding.

The additions of some beautiful curtains and a chandelier are a sure way to add glamour to anything bathroom. If you love watching TV while taking a bath, a flat-screen on the wall will also help create the perfect bathroom oasis.

 I love the idea of the fireplace right by the bathtub. It is a perfect feature for a cold night when you want to unwind and soak in a hot a bath.

I hope these master bathroom ideas have inspired you the next time you want to give your master bathroom a facelift. Remember, you don’t have to have a huge space or a deep wallet to make a space beautiful. A little creativity goes a long way, so take luxury examples like these and figure out ways you can incorporate the elements you love about them in a DIY way.

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