Striped Walls: 10 Beautiful Rooms With Stripes

Stripes are a timeless design that has never gone out of style, though seen many creative uses and variations over the years. They are an easy way to add interest to an otherwise simple space and have some other benefits, as well. For instance, if you have low ceilings, vertical stripes on the walls is one of the best ways to make the room appear taller. Some people may only associate stripes with nurseries or old-fashioned wallpaper but that is far from the truth. Striped walls can be in absolutely any space for any age, gender or style and can be done easily and inexpensively with paint and painter’s tape.  There are tons of tutorials out there but here is one from HGTV to get you started. Now, onto some inspiration for striped walls…

Thin taupe and white striped walls offer a clean and classic look to this living room.

If you are considering a bold color for your walls but are worried it may be overwhelming, try incorporating it in stripes with white.

That awkward wall was turned into a clever design feature by the addition of wide blue and white stripes above beadboard for a nautical feel.

This pink-striped wallpaper looks very fun but preppy on this accent wall.

These beige and white stripes are the perfect serene backdrop for this relaxing master bedroom.

Bold black and white stripes are timeless and would be perfect for an office or teen girl’s bedroom.

A masculine approach to stripes, these gray-on-gray striped walls remind me of a fine suit.

The soft gray and white stripes bring some chic whimsy in this sweet nursery.

The green and white striped walls tie the kitchen and green dining room together perfectly without being repetitive.

For a touch of glamour, paint one of the colors in a metallic sheen like the gold in this beautiful dining room.

If you have been looking for that special “something” for that drab hallway or room that just doesn’t feel quite finished yet, why not consider stripes? Remember, you can always paint over it. ;)

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