Walking On Art: 10 Ideas For Painted Floors

We paint walls, we paint furniture, we paint accessories, we even paint the ceiling ─ but what about the floor? Yes, you can paint the floor! In fact, there are a whole lot of cool things you can do with flooring with a bit of paint. Some people are strictly against painting wood floors, but in the end it is a subjective choice that can produce some very beautiful aesthetics. You can also paint other types of floors from concrete to tile. Painted floors can be one of the more affordable options for floor renovations and can create some of the most interesting design effects. It can be a DIY project using stencils or freehand (just make sure you get the right kind of paint by talking to an expert at your local paint shop first) or you can call in a professional. You can paint floors in a solid color or stain, but if you really want something special and unique, consider these 10 ideas.

These old wood floors were refurbished with some splendid creativity using stencils. The effect is something whimsical and unforgettable.

These parquet floors blend beautifully in this sophisticated room due to their gray tones painted in a timeless pattern.

Can you believe that’s paint and not marble? Just one of the many clever illusions paint can achieve.

This beautiful zebra print looks exquisite in this hallway. I love how part of the dark-stained wood is still visible and flows into another room.

Lovely wood floors painted in a checkered pattern.

The wood grain in these stripes gives this room a warm though modern feel.

No need to buy a rug! Just paint one on the floor like they did on this concrete.

Painted floors give you the opportunity to bring in color where it is least expected.

Another example of bringing in color through the floors as seen in this lovely chevron painted floor.

This would be a perfect idea for a kids’ room to add some fun to the space. The kids could even make up a game to play on the circles.

Painted floors can add some life and creativity to a room without a lot of money out of your pocket. Just another way paint can do wonders for a space! Which is why it is one of the most powerful tools in design. ;)

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