Creative Uses for Space Under the Stairs

One of the most important things anyone looks for in a home is space. Sometimes space is compromised for things such as a view, great neighborhood or upgrades. The good thing is that there are usually creative ways to find more space. The space under the stairs is often a hugely overlooked or underused spot in a house. There are so many ways to take advantage of this space, including some you may not have even thought of in the past. If the space is already accessible then half the battle is already done for you, but some renovation might be required otherwise. It is best to check with a contractor to see what is possible and then decide from there. To get you inspired, check out some of these creative uses for space under the stairs…

If the space can accommodate it, installing a half bath below the stairs is a great use of space and will increase the value of your home.

These pull out drawers are a clever way to add storage to the stairs without ruining the look of the staircase. No one will even know they’re there!

A faux fireplace adds architectural interest and another selling feature for your home.

A daybed offers seating and space for guests under stairs leading to a finished basement.

Another great storage idea under the stairs: drawers!

If you thought you didn’t have room for a home office, think again.

The space under the stairs is the perfect height and spot for your furry friends.

If your stairs lead into a dining room or kitchen, consider using the space below as storage for extra plates, glasses, etc.

For wine aficionados, built-in shelves or a wine cellar under the stairs can be a great little perk.

Do these ideas have you rethinking how you’ve been using that space under the stairs? There are so many great possibilities!

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