The Bimini Blues: Cerulean, Cobalt & Turquoise

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Bimini where I was so inspired by all the amazing tones of blue that I saw. Cobalt, cerulean and turquoise are everywhere there and are so fresh and powerful as colors. They remind us all of vacationing on the beach, feeling refreshed and relaxed, which is exactly why blue is so powerful. It is a color of nature. Most people respond to blue in a very positive manner, especially the Bimini tones which have become especially popular (particularly turquoise) in recent years. So I’ve decided to gather some inspiring spaces that remind me of the blues I saw while in Bimini and share them with you here. Hopefully they will inspire you, too.

A cobalt blue door makes a beautiful statement and beckons you in to the home. It’s a great color to consider painting your front door if your home is on the market. Aren’t you wondering what’s behind those doors right now?

This fresh country kitchen pops with all its clean cobalt blue accents. The blue is perfectly balanced in the space, carried in through charming accessories.

The turquoise and cerulean blue in this room make you feel like you’re dining under the sea. All the retro lines, patterns and textures take advantage of the bold colors in an interesting way.

If you want to paint a bold color on the walls like this deep turquoise but feel a whole wall will be too overwhelming, use beadboard on half the wall to break up the color like this pretty coastal bathroom.

The turquoise glass tile in this kitchen is an absolutely stunning use of the color and texture. It’s as if the Bimini water is flowing behind that stove. The softer blue subway tile behind the sink is also a beautiful touch and adds depth to the space.

Who said sofas had to be neutral? This space has a white palette with punches of color in its accessories and those two fantastic blue couches. They would work well in a modern-coastal space, too.

The cerulean blue accents in this dining room make a sophisticated statement when paired with the dark stained wood and gray wall.

Looking at this, I imagine a beautiful breeze flowing through. The turquoise curtains make a bold statement, taking full advantage of the wonderful height in this window-lined hallway. The geometric patterned carpet adds a modern flair and the pop of color in the ceiling insets give your eyes something to enjoy after being drawn up by the curtains.

The cerulean blue tile backsplash sets the tone for this clean and contemporary kitchen. The designer let the tile stand on its own against the otherwise white palette, with clever pops of green in a few accessories to add some depth.

This rustic turquoise staircase looks like it has some amazing stories it could tell. It’s a great idea for a bold focal point and I love how it was carried through to the door and bits of trim work.

I hope the blues of Bimini have inspired you as much as they have me. These colors never go out of style because they are a part of nature and remind us of the peace that beaches bring us. If you want a space that feels fresh and soothing, try incorporating one of these blues.

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