Great Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Every Budget

An outdoor kitchen is one of the most sought-after home upgrades and it’s not hard to see why. They are great for entertaining purposes when you want to entertain your guests outside but don’t want to be separated from them while you’re in the kitchen cooking. Most often, an outdoor kitchen is a fancy way of saying a grill and some counter space. You can equip your outdoor kitchen with much more if your space and budget allows it to the point of having an entire second gourmet kitchen outside. Fortunately, there is an outdoor kitchen for every budget. It’s a great DIY weekend project if you’re up for the challenge. Check out these inspiring outdoor kitchen ideas to get you started…

A charming rustic outdoor kitchen where simplicity is key with just a wood-burning grill and a bit of counter space.  The statement is in that amazing hood. Notice how the modern stainless steel mixes with the natural textures to balance everything beautifully.

Photo credit: Banno Lighting

A traditional outdoor kitchen right off the indoor kitchen with a clever bar connecting the two through a window. How convenient for entertaining!

Such a great idea: Beautiful curtains separate the poolside outdoor kitchen from the rest of this elegant patio.

This outdoor kitchen is very simple but effective. There is enough room to put some stools at the bar so guests can chat with the chef as he grills or use that counter space for serving.

A private outdoor kitchen with its own own corner of the porch. A counter on wheels makes for a great bar area for guests, serving space or prep area for the chef.

A truly outdoor kitchen made of stone and slate. You don’t need a covered patio to enjoy having an outdoor kitchen.

Another uncovered outdoor kitchen though a bit simpler with all the basics you need to entertain. The refrigerator is a nice bonus feature for keeping drinks cool.

A deluxe outdoor kitchen that includes one of the coolest bonus features: a wood-burning pizza oven! The beautiful stone gives it that old world Italian feel.

Another outdoor kitchen with a wood-burning pizza oven, this time in a cute rustic hut serving as the focal point of the space. A trellis also serves as a nice architectural feature on one side of the kitchen.

A shabby chic take on the outdoor kitchen with simple white cabinets and a stand-alone grill.

I believe that with some clever decorating, smart shopping and a little elbow grease, it’s possible to get that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of having. Hope these ideas have inspired you!

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