How to Capture the Art of Monochromatic Design

What is monochrome?

monochrome (adj)
Consisting of or displaying images in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

To some, it may sound boring to think of only decorating in black and white or one color, but the results of monochrome design can actually be quite beautiful. A monochrome color palette doesn’t automatically mean it’s a modern space, though monochrome is very popular in that style. It can be used for any style and is simply about mixing tones, patterns and textures in a clever way to keep a space interesting. This can be a little more challenging but worth it in the long run if it’s a look you really adore.

The best way to start is to choose a color you love and then look for as much inspiration with that color as you can possibly find. Put those ideas in a folder, then go window shopping. Look at different fabrics, accessories, furniture and wall colors and compile all your choices together by taking photographs. (If you see something you ABSOLUTELY must have, use that as your starting point for your design!) Lay it all out when you get home and start mixing and matching to see what will work well together. This process is so much fun and very helpful for layering the right elements to create your perfect monochrome design.

Here are some photos of monochromatic rooms to inspire you:

A Scandinavian approach to monochromatic design that is clean, modern and stylish. Photo: SA Decor & Design

The rustic table and contemporary elements in the chairs and kitchen mix beautifully on the lovely monochromatic color scheme. Photo: Chalet

This warm bedroom in brown tones uses both modern and antique elements to create an ecclectic yet comfortable space. Photo: Trail of Inspiration

Another clean and modern space that keeps its monochromatic palette interesting with different tones, textures and patterns. Photo: Cote Maison

A perfect example of how interesting monochrome design can be. This all-pink little girl’s room is kept lively with a brilliant mix of tones and patterns. Photo: BHG

A soft blue and white monochromatic palette makes this bedroom ultra dreamy. The classy stripes are the perfect element to pull it all together. Photo:

A Hollywood regency inspired bedroom is the perfect setting for a black and white monochromatic design. Photo: Larry Laslo

Stripes galore in this perfect black and white bedroom. The lines and symmetry are brilliant design choices that are anchored in that stunning canopy. Photo: Agoda

All the green tones and patterns in this adorable living room make the space feel very fresh and lively. Photo: Real Simple

The continued lines through this dining room keep it chic and sophisticated. I love the wall gallery of black and white family photographs. Photo: Michaela Noelle

Monochromatic design can be challenging but also absolutely beautiful when done right. Remember to mix different tones, textures and patterns of the same color and find one element (such as a shape) to repeat through the space and ground the design.

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