8 Great Uses For A Loft Space

If you have ever had a loft space, you may have been plagued with the question, “What do I do with this?” Loft spaces can sometimes be small and awkwardly designed, making them unfit for a bedroom. They aren’t their own dedicated room with a door, usually placed between the stairs and a hallway leading to the upstairs bedrooms, so turning them into valuable space can be tricky. Fortunately, there are actually several uses for a loft space. If you are selling your home, it is especially important you don’t leave a loft space empty and leave buyers with that same burning question. I have compiled 8 ideas for turning that awkward loft into a space that will be useful and make you glad to have it.

A HOME OFFICE is a great use of a loft space if you have a quiet household or if you are staging the home for sale. It makes good use of the space and it is easy to fit in a desk and any necessary storage and equipment. IKEA sells office furniture that is perfect for small spaces like lofts.

KIDS STUDY AREA works well in a loft space because kids won’t feel confined to their bedroom and parents can keep an eye on what they’re doing in that open space.

MEDITATION SPACE only needs a little bit of floor room so it fits nicely in a loft. If the space sits adjacent to a window with a sunrise, even better.

If meditation isn’t your thing, how about a WORKOUT ROOM? You have enough space for a couple of pieces of equipment or a TV with floor space in front of it to do an exercise video. (Love that “Motivation” quote on the wall, by the way.)

A loft can be the perfect little hiding spot for a READING NOOK. Install some bookshelves to hold all your treasures and put out a nice comfy armchair with an ottoman to complete your getaway.

If you don’t have a formal living room, creating a SITTING AREA in your loft is perfect for those days when you’re entertaining and the men take over the living room for a sports game.

KIDS PLAYROOM makes good use of a loft, especially if it’s right off of the master bedroom or home office so parents can keep an eye on the kids. Just make sure you have plenty of storage so everything can be put away after playtime since the space won’t have a door.

If your kids are a bit older, a loft is a great spot for a TEEN HANGOUT SPACE. Fashion it with some cool seating and bright colors and they’re all set.

Are you inspired to tackle that awkward loft space now? Every space can be useful space, so think of your family’s needs that the space can fill or if you’re selling, how you can easily identify that space to appeal to buyers.

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